Pinewood Derby Racer Car Design

This was our very first derby race this year and we spent many hours making our car and enjoying the time together.

At our practice races, his car lost every heat and the wheels that came with the kit even came loose during the race. I felt bad for him and he was actually doing ok with how poorly our car was doing. It looked very cool but simply didn't run fast at all.

I searched on Google and found your site then ordered your Pro Speed Wheels and Super Speed Axles along with a tube of your graphite with the hope that we would at least cross the finish line with some dignity.

Well let me tell you, we crossed the finish line 12 times with a slightly different result. We went undefeated on every race and took first place in the Tiger division! This car simply could not be defeated.

Thank you for making this a fantastic experience for us.
-Kyle and Wayne


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